What is Included in a Home Appraisal

What is Included in a Home Appraisal

When the appraiser conducts an analysis of your home they consider the location, size, and overall condition of your with a similar home in the area. Besides these conducting analyses for comparison with the houses in the neighborhood, they will also check the quality and physical condition of the property such as zoning, square footage, etc. Let’s see what is included in a home appraisal:

Overall Condition

An appraiser will notice the general condition of your house like materials used throughout the property and aspects that can affect the habitats of the property. It is the first thing that your appraiser will observe in your home that it is safe and sound and isn’t exposed to any alarming aspect. The general condition of the home also includes the issues related to maintenance for instance; broken doors, cracked walls, broken appliances, damaged floors, broken windows, leaking faucets, broken or missing locks and door handles, etc. Appraisers are not interested in the cleanliness but damages and the signs of infestation. An appraiser may not do a pest inspection, but notice pests, rodents, and termites in the windowsills, floors, etc.

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Your home location is a very important aspect for an appraiser. When conducting an analysis, the appraiser assesses the proximity of your home from the hospital, schools, police station, fire station, overall peace or crime rate of the locality, and general condition of the neighborhood. If the value of the neighborhood is higher it will make it more desirable.

Old or New Construction

Whether your home is new or old construction it has both advantages and disadvantages. Such as an old house located in a historical location will have high value than new construction, provided that it is well maintained. However, in a new dwelling, where neighborhoods have modern construction, the appraiser will value a new construction. 

Home Design

If the design of your home is outdated the number of buyers interested in the property will be lower and it would be quite challenging for the appraiser to sell it. An appraiser will analyze the structure of your home interior and exterior for soundness; such as roof condition and quality, cracked chimney, water damage, condition of stairs inside or outside leading up, etc. Your car porch, garage, siding, and deck are also included in the home design. The house interior includes house structure, crawl space, basement, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc. The foundation type and material used are important to assess for an appraiser. Some factors add value to your house like eco-friendly and energy-efficient appliances, patio, porch, fireplace, central air-conditioning, etc.

Home Size

Your house’s sq. ft. is taken into consideration when the appraiser assesses the value of your home. The appraiser compares the value of the other house of the same size and the number of rooms in your area.

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