Tips on Staying Safe from Covid-19 for Residential Appraisers

Tips on Staying Safe from Covid-19 for Residential Appraisers

The residential appraisers are exposed to the virus as their work involves visiting the homes, buildings, etc. Interior inspection is a significant process and without interior valuation, the appraisal process is incomplete. To get reliable data and reach the actual market price of the property, the appraiser needs to visit and inspect the property as well as the surrounding area (if required). Therefore, risk assessment for the safety from the covid-19 virus is essential for appraisers. Although, everyone must know how much they are exposed to the virus as it depends on how many times they leave the house. Appraisers need to leave their homes and visit unknown houses or sites, which is an essential part of their job; therefore, the following risks should be assessed.

Personal Risks

Age is the primary factor that increases your risk of the virus. After age, underlying health conditions might increase your chances to get infected. Your family and people in your house as well as their risk factors. The most significant risk is that getting infected yourself means you expose your family to the virus.

Safety risks On-site

The number of people present on the site per sq. ft. increases your risk to get infected as well as how many people visited the site before you, who might be infected. How many children and elderly are present in the house or building where you visit for inspection affects your chances of getting infected. Therefore, it’s recommended that they wear a mask. The higher ceilings are better as the volume of the space means more area and lesser chances of getting exposed to the virus. 


Outdoors are safer than indoors, as well as ventilation is a critical factor for the covid-19 virus exposure. If the house or building you are visiting has long windows and good ventilation it is better. The more ventilated the site, lessen the chances of getting the virus as recirculation of the air inside the house or building cannot limit the risks of the virus. The cooling systems in summers and heating systems in the winters must be working properly to protect from viruses.


Besides visiting, coming in contact with the occupants of the house will expose you to the virus. Speaking from the distance, wearing face masks, or speaking on call via cell phone can protect you from direct exposure. Speaking just for a minute without a mask can be risky. It is preferable to speak outside in the open air as compared to inside if you have to talk face to face and physical distance is not possible. You can use disposable masks or reusable ones. It is difficult to control or even ask people to follow SOPs. You cannot always ask people to come outside the house to talk, maintain physical distance, move back, etc. So keep on your mask and your sanitizer in your pocket.

Hoarder or Risk Homes

When there is someone infected in the house or site where you need to visit, it is recommended to either delay (at least 15 days) or ask them to talk outside. It is recommended to avoid sitting on the couch, shaking hands, and taking without masks with other occupants too as they are living with the infected individual.

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