Tips on Staying Safe from Covid-19 for Residential Appraisers

Tips on Staying Safe from Covid-19 for Residential Appraisers

Residential Appraisers can be unprotected from the virus when going inside apartments, homes, and other buildings even for short periods. Understanding appraiser Covid-19 safety risks is essential.

Everybody does decide their own level of risk. Some hardly leave their homes or only need to go to the grocery store or somewhere near. Others, such as essential workers, appraisers are who must leave their homes to do work. I have piled up some tips on staying safe from Covid-19 for residential appraisers.


Personal Risks of an Appraiser

Age – the older the higher the risk

Underlying health conditions

Who is in your household and their risk factors?

Your neck and neck personal protection risk – from none to many. You can infect your family members if you get infected. That is the most significant risk to me.


Safety risks when appraising

The density of inhabitants. The more people exist per sq. ft. of GLA, the higher the risk. How many people were there before you came who might be disease-ridden?

Elderly and the children. Sometimes the landlord needs them to remain in the home. Children can get infected. Especially, the kids must wear face masks. You may require to bring masks for smaller children.

The capacity of space. Most houses are 8 feet but high ceilings are the best, with maybe some higher spaces.

Ventilation is crucial. Outside is better than inside. Before you come, how long windows and doors are open. Heating and cooling inside the home in winter and summer is an issue. Cooling and heating systems must bring in inside air. For limiting Covid-19 risk recirculating the interior air is useless.

Speaking to residents – speaking from the car by mobile phone is ideal otherwise both the inhabitant and you must wear face masks and keep distancing up. You better avoid speaking inside the home. Without a face mask, five minutes of speaking face to face inside can be dangerous.

Everybody inside the home should wear a face mask. If required, buy washable cloth face masks. You can wash them several times and re-use them. Or, purchase disposable masks that are safer.

Physical distancing is tough. As every one of us is social, we have never done it before. Dweller follows you inside and/or outside. Difficult to control surely. How to ask someone to move back. What happens to you if they refuse to move? Think about it.

Risky homes or other places is hoarder, etc.


Final Words

When to leave because it is not safe. For example, the resident on the couch of his or her living room is sick with sneezing, coughing, etc. The inhabitant refuses to maintain physical distancing and wears a mask. Reducing residential Appraiser Covid-19 safety risks is vital.

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