Details for a Real Estate Appraisal in Washington, DC

Details for a Real Estate Appraisal in Washington, DC

Whether you need a loan for a home in Kent or preparing to value your house for sale, you want to be sure you are having your property appraisals done by an expert. The team at Aipraiser.com has been helping sellers and buyers in the Washington, DC area with all their appraisal desires! We make the home purchasing and selling procedure easier for you by determining the worth of your Washington, DC property professionally and accurately. The property appraisal experts at Aipraiser.com bring quality and devotion to all your real estate requirements in the Washington Kent area.


There are numerous reasons why you might need to schedule a real estate appraisal in Washington, DC, including:

Selling your home – When selling your home, an appraisal of the property’s worth is a significant step in coming up with a listing price. Your real estate agent will look at the value of the neighboring properties that have sold within the past few years (commonly one or two years) and that are alike to your home in connection with size, landscapes, and condition. Grounded on these similar homes, the real estate agent will improve or deduct value to your home.

Buying a home – If you’ve newly made an offer on a new home, your lender will entail you to have a professional appraisal done. This confirms to the lender that the property is worth the amount of money that is being lent.

Refinancing – Alike to buying a home, the lender will want you to have a professional appraisal done when refinancing your DC home to certify that the collateral value vacant by the property validates the refinanced loan amount you are requesting.

Applying for a home equity loan – If you are trying to get a home equity loan and it has been some years since the property’s last appraisal, it is a decent idea to have the property appraised, particularly if property values in your area have improved. Your equity in the home alongside which you would borrow money is determined mainly on the present worth of the property. If the worth of your home has reduced, then it is also probable that your equity in the home has reduced in value.

Filing a real estate tax appeal – Property tax assessments are ready once a year in Washington, DC. Upon getting the assessment, you’re permissible to file a real estate tax appeal which can affect your taxes for some years to come. A real estate appraisal will aid decide whether or not the initial valuation of your home was under or overrated and aid you to file a real estate tax appeal.


Property Appraisal Methods in Washington, DC

When you’re applying for a mortgage, most—if not all—lenders will oblige you to appoint an appraiser to decide the value of the home and property you want to purchase. Not only does this permit the lender to identify how much the property is worth to set a loan amount, but it likewise lets you know if the home you are involved in buying is over or cheapened. For instance, if the home you want to buy is listed at $400,000, but the home appraisal derives back at only $300,000, the property is perhaps totally overpriced. Appraisals also help sellers list their properties correctly so they can be competitive in the market.

There are two main appraisal methods when it comes to residential real estate:

Sales Comparison Method– This appraisal technique contains comparing the home to several similar homes in the zone that have sold freshly called “comparables” or “comps.” The appraiser will gather a variety of data on the comp homes, counting public records, sale prices, square footage, services, date of sale, and more, and place a worth on the home and property. The simple idea behind this approach is that the buyer shouldn’t pay extra for a property that is similar in value to a substitute property with similar services and features.

Cost Approach– This is an appraisal technique that is more frequently used on fresh properties and appraises the home based on its reproduction cost. So, it is a value based on how much the house would cost to restructure if it were destroyed. Then, the land value and devaluation of any enhancements are measured and put toward the home appraisal. This technique is a very useful approach when appraising fresher properties, but it is significantly less reliable for older homes.


Imagine Your DC Home’s Appraisal Comes Back Low?

If your appraisal comes back lower than you were expecting, the primary thing you need to do is try to understand what could have affected it. Occasionally, it’s a result of issues the seller can spot-on, such as home maintenance, renovating, and repairs. Frequently, once these matters are taken care of, the appraiser can come back to the property and regulate the appraisal grounded on the improvement of the home.

You might also order a second appraisal if you consider the first one was wrong owing to the inexperience of the appraiser or other aspects. It’s possible a second home appraisal could turn out an altered worth for the property; however, if this isn’t the situation, the home purchase may be at a stop except the homeowner is eager to lower the price.


Appraiser Guidelines

Real estate appraiser must frequently collect information of real estate price linked to supply and demand, environmental changes, population, locals’ habit, public services, conveyance, income level, industry structure, monetary market, profits level in real estate business, land use preparation, regulation and present use, natural calamity, future development, and other vital data as the basis of tracing real estate price.

A Real estate appraiser must frequently collect cases of similar properties and info regarding their deal, income, and cost, and also confirm the steadfastness of collected information.

The info stated in the previous paragraph could be gained from the persons concerned, neighbors, other real estate appraisers, land administration agents, real estate brokers, financial institutions, land administration departments, judicial institutions, public land management institutions, mass media, or other relevant sectors.

A real estate appraiser must accept an appraisal, including examination, survey, gathering, judgment, study, and adjustment using logic and rules of thumb in an objective and neutral manner.


Schedule a Real Estate Appraisal in Washington, DC

Each member of our expert staff can make your home appraisal procedure quick, easy, and convenient, permitting you to move on with your new home quicker. Experienced with determining the worth of DC properties, our specialists can give you a precise number, giving you peace of mind in the purchasing and selling process.



Whether buying or selling, those in the Washington DC real estate market are frequently thinking about the big picture or fantasizing about what the future will hold. Though, there are several complexities involved, which might confuse the procedure. Therefore, people who are in the market to purchase a new home or sell their recent property may benefit from working with a lawyer. A certified company that offers nationwide property and appraisal services may guide them over the process, including helping them comprehend their duties and options.

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