14 Important Things You Will Need as an Appraiser

14 Important Things You Will Need as an Appraiser

As an appraiser, you need to have some essential equipment or tools that you should bring with you when you go for an inspection of the homes. You can keep these things with you in your car to keep it handy on tools that you will likely need. Although, there is no perfect kit for appraisal inspection, as they vary from appraiser to appraiser. Here is a list of important tools and equipment for an appraiser to care for, on an inspection. 

  1. You must always keep your business card with you as you might encounter a potential client. On meeting your clients for the first it’s good to share your business card.
  2. A good camera is a dedicated tool to use on your inspection. Although, some appraisers will use their cell phones for this purpose. Obviously, your cell phone can be used for multiple purposes; such as backup files, images, and GPS. You should also carry your mobile charge in the car as your cell phone is no good without a charger.
  3. The laser device is good for taking measurements of the house, but keeping a measuring tape is a great idea for a backup.
  4. There are multiple uses of screwdrivers such as checking wall insulation by removing the electrical outlet, checking the wooden structure, checking the entry panel, etc.
  5. If you prefer a smartphone or tablet to keep up with the records or clipboards it’s better than a book and pen. However, some appraisers still prefer ways of bookkeeping.
  6. Step tool is a good tool to access attics. You can also use the portable ladder.
  7. Ice pick can be used to check wood rot or termites.
  8. You should keep a voltage detector to check the voltage on the property.
  9. Keep the marble with you to check the level of the floor.
  10. Flashlights are important especially if you visit sites in the evening, visit the vacant properties where it is likely that utilities are turned off. You can use your mobile phone’s flashlight but it is not enough to support you at the night; therefore it’s better to keep a standard flashlight with you. Also, keep the backup batteries if you are using any devices that require batteries including a flashlight.
  11. There are certain sites where there is water leakage or a likelihood of your clothes getting dirty. You should keep your waterproof jacket in your car to cover yourself against harsh environmental conditions or rainstorms.
  12. Magnet is useful to check if the pipes are made of lead or iron.
  13. It’s good to keep your snacks with yourself, so keep your water and snacks with you in a car.
  14. Keeping bug spray, sanitizer, or anything that can protect you is a good idea.

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