12 Important Things You Will Need as an Appraiser

12 Important Things You Will Need as an Appraiser

Here are 12 important things you will need as an appraiser. It should assist you to do your job as a commercial or residential real estate appraiser.


1) Clip Board

You will take a lot of notes when doing your inspection. Your follow-ups will include the quality, materials, and condition of the interior and exterior of the house as well as upgrades, updates, renovations, and required repairs. But since you’re moving around and not at a desk you will require a decent clipboard to write on.

At one point, I established that when carrying graph paper, notepaper, a camera, and a flashlight it would be fine to fit all of that into my clipboard that required to be thicker. I bought a thicker one but it was too bulky and heavy. So I decided to have the thinner one.


2) Legal Sized Paper

All of the regular forms you will finish your appraisal reports on are lawful-sized. Although you can adjust the size of the paper at the time of printing the form is quite eligible in its default size. And depending on how you take your notes – whether you start with a form you have designed or a blank sheet – a legal-sized will let you have more space to write.


3) Graph Paper

An appraiser must always measure the subject property physically to verify the GLA (Gross Living Area) on public record or the MLS (Multiple Listing Services). Graph paper will let you sketch to scale the boundary of the house for a precise calculation. You can find graph paper online for free.


4) A Decent Camera

You can be tempted to utilize your phone with the advent of a high-quality camera on a mobile phone. I have an iPhone 7 that takes fantastic high-quality pictures but only outside in bright or clear light. A phone’s camera does not take very good photos indoors or where lightning is dim, even my great iPhone. For this reason, you ought to also have a high-quality camera with a decent flash.

There will be a lot of times when you require to take photos in corners, attics, basements, and in garages and outbuildings and a phone’s camera will not be enough. And your comparable can be off the road many hundreds of feet if you appraise rural properties. You will require a respectable zoom to capture a decent photograph. Any photo you take ought to be clear so it is beneficial to the reader of your report, especially the under/lender writer.


5) An iPad

If you get a tablet like an iPad Mini, you will require on this list for #3 for sketching or #2 note-taking. I utilize Microsoft Word for my field notes and I utilize Total for Mobile for the sketches. I suggest you have an iPad with cellular abilities.


6) A 100 Ft. Tape-Measure

A tape-measure, mainly because there will be a time when you measure the side of a home, and brush/trees will be also thicker to keep you from getting close to the side. In which case you can dig the stake or the indicating end of the measuring tape into the ground in line with the side you are calculating pull the tape to the end. I utilize this in combination with a laser measure.


7) A laser Measure

Laser measures are smooth and comfortable to use, they permit you to measure spots you cannot get to work effortlessly for measuring second floors.


8) A Laptop

I advise you to possess a laptop for appraising even if it’s in combination with your desktop. When I started real estate appraising through a laptop, I didn’t see any reason to buy a desktop. The laptop permits us to work from anywhere, even if I do not access an internet connection.

For instance, if I am out on inspection thirty to forty minutes from the office and I require to do a comp search, I do not need to waste gas and time driving there and back. I can just open my laptop and do my similar search from my car or the restaurant.


9) Business Cards

This one is quite clear. Although most of your work will come from attorneys, banks, AMCs, and other government entities, there will be times when individuals require to hire you for non-lending purposes. Leaving your business card after your assessment is just one more possible referral and it can be that owner, or his brother, neighbor, etc.

But another purpose for carrying business cards is for when you are driving by similar properties and taking photographs. In areas of high home break-ins, people are pretty curious, defensive, protective, and suspicious. Staying in front of their house and taking a photograph is a doubtful activity and they might not reason that you are a real estate professional taking a photograph of the home they just bought last month or a few months ago. They might confront you, so taking your business card is a respectable ID to show that who you are what you are and what you are doing.

If you were pulled over by police owing to a call of doubtful activity, they apply the same. But most of the time you will be taking photographs during the workday when the majority of people are at work or running shopping.


10) Magnetic Car Signs

I highly advise this, particularly when driving by similar properties and taking pictures. I think this stops many of the confrontations with landowners because it tells them who you are. I utilize signs that read Licensed Real Estate Appraiser and place one on every side of the car on the front doors. You might always get impressed and make a complete advertisement with it utilizing fancy graphics.


11) Appraisal Software

Appraisal software is needed. It's industry typical and there’s no other method to complete summary reports for federally connected transactions. The FNMA 1004, 2055, and 1025 are the most common forms the software permits you to input numerous on these and some other kinds of standardized forms. You will also utilize it to add your pictures, complete the sketch, flood and location maps, and any other addenda. There numerous companies that give this software like Appraise-It by SFREP, A la Mode, WinTotal. And Inc.


12) A Vertical Screen Setup

Projecting appraisal reports on a vertical screen permits you to view them in their entirety since the forms are legal size. I discover that this makes it easier to review and complete. I have a wide 24′ monitor that vertical screen utilized to be on a secure stand. But I purchased a rotating monitor stand sensibly drilled 4 holes and attached it to my laptop screen to attain the functionality you see visualized. 

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